February, 2009

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The New York Tent Company is hosting an event-planning showcase on Thursday, April 2, 2009. Trade professionals who want to provide their clients with the most innovative ways to customize their special event can't miss this opportunity to network, enjoy cocktails and entertainment, and have a chance to win door prizes that include up to $10,000 in event credit! Reservations are required-visit nytent.com for details.  New York Tent Company offers clients the chance to create their own settings.


Home to some of the most talented food artisans in the country, New York State offers an abundance of edible treasures to discover as you search for the picture-perfect venue. Share your favorite finds with your wedding guests-either as favors or gathered together in a welcome basket-and give them a taste of the region's very best. Here, a handful of our picks to get you started.

1. Step back in time with a handful of classics from the Village Candy Shoppe.


Sweetly charming or sleek and modern - it's your call. This palette offers endless possibilities for brides who want to summon the sunshine for their wedding day festivities. It's hard to imagine a more modern color combination than clean white and cool gray, but when you add a splash of sunshine, something magical happens: Things get very, very happy. This is not the palette for brides who take their weddings with a side of irony or for those who want solemn faces at the reception.

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Our cover girl (of WellWed New York) Marion Cardwell-Ferrer, owner of Sincredible Pastries in Ithica, NY, has much to be proud of. Featured three times in Brides Magazine, Ferrer's creative cake making recently earned her a spot in that publication's list of "America's 50 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes," for a design inspired vintage tablecloth. "Look outside the box when it comes to your cake," says Ferrer. "You really can have anything you want."

My grandmother always said I was, "sweet as a peach and twice and as juicy," but I think that turn of phrase best describes this color palette more than the likes of me. Hues in lavender, khaki and peach blend together to form a delicious and inviting spring time design. Include natural elements like canned peaches as party favors, typeset Save the Date fonts in a rich lavender and cap off the accents elements in khaki. Remember there are no rules when it comes to color, go with what makes you feel best!

For Elizabeth Van Epps and Daniel Mitchell, the third time was definitely the charm. They first met on a shared
ride to Upstate New York from Bucknell University, where they were both freshmen. Beth’s outgoing and animated nature didn’t exactly mesh with Danny’s thoughtful reserve, and conversation—if any, was strained. The second time they met, Danny was dating the girl who lived across the hall from Beth. Danny swears that Beth didn’t even remember him, but Beth explains that the truth was simpler: She just didn’t want to remember him.

When Kristyn Keener and Mitch Schrager joined the New York City Teaching Fellows Program during graduate
school, they learned as much about love as they did about the responsibilities of being an educator. Throughout the challenges of first-year teaching, Kristyn and Mitch looked to each other for support, and by the time Christmas vacation rolled around, the new teachers were inseparable and happily in love.

When two people with large, tight-knit families join together, you can almost guarantee there will be a
celebration to remember. The wedding of Bridget Nappi and Christopher Rodecker was no exception.

When Bob Sullivan proposed to Krista Duell , on an early-morning beach stroll in Cancun, she was the only
one taken by surprise. Bob had already asked Krista’s dad for his approval and had leaked the news to several of their friends.

Krista and Bob had made the trip to Mexico to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Krista’s best friend and her husband, and since the friend was the person who introduced Krista and Bob in the first place, there was no way anything—even Krista’s dislike of air travel—could keep Krista and Bob from being part of the festivities.

Perhaps it ’s because Jengi Mlynarski and Tom Reilly became involved while working as lab partners in human anatomy and physiology at Broome Community College that the two have mastered the science of love.