July, 2009



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Life is Sweet

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Twice As Nice


Courtney Storti knew that Corey Fountain was the boy for her — but 16-year-old Corey wasn’t too impressed with the 13-year-old cousin of his pal John. Over the following years, Corey and Courtney ran into each other now and again at parties, but it wasn’t until John’s wedding that they really clicked. Even then, nothing really came of it, since Courtney and Corey were living in different states. But when they both ended up in their hometown of Rochester, New York, Corey wrangled Courtney’s number from John and asked her out.

When Cate Ellison met Jake Mills at a little bar in New York City’s West Village, the attraction was instant. Cate walked right up to where Jake was standing at the bar, and the two spent the next three hours talking. That conversation kept going strong for a full year and a half, and was still keeping them busy one weekend when they took a sailing trip off Long Island with friends. Jake thought it would be fun to spend the night on the shore and enjoy the beach for another day, and Cate, who can’t get enough of the beach, enthusiastically agreed.


It was Rochester, New York, that brought Grace Vangeison and Chris Johnston together. They first met as students at the University of Rochester, where Grace served as coach for Chris’s swimming team for her sorority’s annual fundraiser, which combined synchronized swimming and relays, with hilarious results. The crush was instant and mutual. But it wasn’t until almost three years later, when they were getting ready for graduation, that Grace and Chris admitted they’d been attracted to each other for years.


A house brought Maie Vaga and Jim Webb together. Jim, a Massachusetts native, had fond memories of his first place in Mission Beach, California, and stopped by one day after he’d moved out to meet the home’s new inhabitants.

Maie, who’d been a year behind Jim moving from the East Coast to the West, immediately recognized the cute guy from the end of the street who was always outside fixing surfboards when she pedaled by on her bike.