February, 2010

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Angela's Bridal is pleased to invite brides-to-be to the upcoming trunk shows, being held at Angela's Bridal, this March. Angela's Bridal is located at 1811 Western Avenue, in Westmere Plaza, in Albany, New York.

Don't miss out on finding the perfect dress! Call 518.869.1848 to book your appointment today as space is limited!

Angela's Bridal Trunk Shows

March 4-6

Sean Willcoxon didn’t have to work very hard to win over Jaimee DiGesare’s family. Jaimee’s dad invited him to take his daughter on a date the first time they met, when Sean was catering Mr. DiGesare’s 50th birthday party and Jaimee was the lone single girl among the four DiGesare daughters.

Sara Hallberg had just started to unpack the boxes in her Saratoga Springs home when a winter storm struck, covering the neighborhood – including Sara’s car – in snow. Sara, who had just moved from Cleveland, was totally unprepared for the cold weather and stood shivering by her car, trying to make up her mind what to do. Fortunately, Bentley Boivin spotted his new neighbor and recognized her as a damsel in distress. Grinning, he volunteered to shovel Sara’s car out of the snow, and a storybook romance began.

As Elizabeth Ferguson looked around The Sagamore Resort’s Shelving Rock Terrace at the friends and family who had come to watch her marry Lawson Stillman Parker II, she knew she was looking at the people who had seen her through both the best and the hardest times of her life.

When Stacy Kellogg and Ozgur Ercan say they had a colorful wedding, they’re not kidding.

This isn’t the first time Alisha Clark and Luke Walker’s wedding pictures have appeared on these pages, but it’s the first time they’ve actually been the stars of the photos.


Windham Mountain is excited to announce the addition of the gorgeous new rustic yet contemporary facility - The Club at Windham Mountain.