May, 2010


Because no bride can do all the legwork for an international wedding-moon herself, we've been scouring the globe for you, seeking out picture-perfect retreats around the world. In the end, one destination really stood out: Argentina.

Located on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, Las Balsas Hotel and Resort offers opulent accommodations and luxury amenities and has been recognized by the World Travel Awards program as the best spa resort in South America.


 Add an unexpected burst of light at your evening wedding!These paper lanterns are a cinch to create-and will be talked about by all of your guests! 




-Cafe string lights

-Scissors (plus X-Acto knife if you have one)

-Glue (heavy duty)

Catherine Minnery.jpg

 Looking for a unique way to immortalize a special moment between you and your beau?

Catherine Minnery is a fine artist and illustrator whose work is in private, corporate and public collections. As a remembrance of your special day, she can create a one-of-a-kind romantic watercolor painting for you, forever capturing the bond that was forged in those first days as a married couple. Her work evokes breathtakingly realistic romanticism, and would be a fantastic addition to any home.





We love these giant pinwheels as a fun and spirited wall decoration.  These pinwheels were made with newspaper, but get creative and try other materials--wallpaper could be a fantastic option!


For each newspaper pinwheel you will need:

-6 sheets of newspaper

-Stapler with staples

-Hot glue gun with glue

-Card stock


-1 scrap of newspaper

-1 tab from soda can

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Photo lantern1.jpg

These lanterns would be a hit at your wedding when customized with old family snapshots.  You could also mix it up a bit and use a favorite quote, the wedding date or even use them as night-time table numbers!  


-Store bought lanterns (glass votives are an alternative)

-Spray adhesive (suitable for paper and glass)


-Digital images


-Battery operated tea lights

-Scissors/Paper cutter



These simple yet whimsical paper cones are perfect for guests to neatly hold confetti or rose petals until the newlyweds exit the building!


-Thickish Paper (I used the luxe fino cream cover weight paper at Paper Source)

-Double stick tape

-Xacto Knife or Paper cutter

-Ink Jet printer 


1. I used the creme paper from Paper-Source and printed a pattern on both sides of an 8.5" x 11" paper. However you could also use any two sided patterned paper (usually found in scrapbooking supplies)  


We just love these chic, personalized matchbooks that you can personalize with your initials in fancy script, the date of your big day or just about anything that you can imagine!  Use them for an inexpensive and creative party favor--your guests will love them!



-Kraft paper (or any color or decorative paper you plan to use)

-Computer and Printer (if you plan to print out your design)


-Cutting Mat
s, Scissors and Razor blade

-Glue stick (or tacky glue)


Finished 2.jpg

Forget the traditional "Just Married" signs of the past-you can make your announcement cute and chic!

 What you’ll need:

- The Just Married Template, which can be downloaded here.

-11×17 printer paper in the color of your choice

-A printer

-A thin piece of cardboard or illustration board

-Spray mount

-Cutting tool (scissors, a box cuter or a paper cutter)


-Suction Cups


For couples considering a destination wedding that will exceed all your wildest expectations, we've found a perfect plot of paradise for you.

Tucked away in the corner of Puerto Rico's northwest coast lies the town of Rincón, an exclusive oasis unmarred by the plague of overdevelopment that has effaced the beauty of other Caribbean locales. With tropical temperatures averaging 82 degrees, breathtaking views of jewel-toned sunsets, and secluded beaches laden with cobalt and cornflower-blue sea glass (rare hues that are highly prized among collectors), Rincón is a true treasure.




A few months ago, Parkleigh presented summer edition WellWed readers with the new Flower Market pattern from MacKenzie-Childs. Since its release this spring, new servingware in the same pattern has also been made available.