December, 2010


This time of year, it's alway great to have some extra hors d'oeuvres available, should a visitor drop by for a mug of hot cider while chestnuts are roasting by the fire. This week's Bridal Booty Giveaway is perfect for those throwing a post-holiday soiree. We have Crab & Spinach Dip, Spinach Artichoke Dip, and Caramel Apple Dip Mix, courtesy of Vermont's Halladay's Harvest Barn, as well as "Lite Your Fire" Spice Mix, to give to our one lucky winner.


Kelli Berg, Owner, Designer, and Coordinator at Simply Beautiful Weddings & Events, has a rare talent for crafted breathtaking weddings and special events that results in some truly amazing soirees. Each year, Kelli and her team take on a limited number of exclusive events and their attention to detail always provides clients with unforgettable celebrations.


Kristy Fairhurst knew she loved Jason Boyles after they met in Charlotte, NC in 2006. But she knew that for Jason to be accepted into the Fairhurst family, he would have to pass the "Timberlock test." The test seemed simple-only requiring Jason to get along with her family on a vacation at Timberlock in Indian Lake, New York. So during the summer of 2007, Kristy held her breath while Jason met her family. Luckily, they loved him, which made Kristy fall even more in love.


Not confident in wedding protocol? We've turned to etiquette expert Anna Post to fill us in on today's I-Do's and I-Don'ts.


This apple orchard-inspired shoot by Brea McDonald Photography was simply to die for. It really makes us nostalgic for the crisp days of fall now that we are in the midst of a long, cold winter. From the crocheting to the caramel-dipped apple goodies, to the creative stationery, there are just so many fun thing involved in this shoot - it's fantastic inspiration for Autumn-inclined brides-to-be still deciding on a venue. Apple orchards are a great way to utilize nature's natural beauty to create a truly memorable celebration.


We hope everyone has a fabulous holiday!

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This easy project is quite charming when finished... these vintage bottles add pa-zazz to any window sill or table scape!

You'll need:

A grouping of vintage bottles

Generic stencils including numbers

Black craft paint

A stencil brush

Spray satin poly



Gina Meola wasn't interested in Marcus Murphy as more than a friend. They met on a Wednesday night in the dead of winter at a young adults' church group. She remembered being introduced to Marcus a couple years before and rushed across the room to give him a hug after the teaching. Although Marcus didn't recognize her, he played along and soon they began spending time together. Eventually, Gina told Marcus that he was great but that she wasn't interested in being more than friends.

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Make a cute and easy display for your pinwheel escort cards. For this project, we used a pretty floral origami paper. Origami works great because there is a different pattern on the front than there is on the back.

All of your wedding photos are special - but you're sure to have your favorites. There are a lot of different ways to keep your photos memorable and unique, and one of the simplest ways is to incorporate some kind of interesting background or prop. Everything from balloons, to vintage cars, to a beautiful old building will do in a pinch to result in creative, eye-catching photos. Talk to your photographer for more ideas, or try to scope out your venue for interesting backdrops and available props.