January, 2012

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Brighten up your day with these simple yet elegant newspaper votives. They take no time at all to make and chances are you already have all the supplies you need inside your home.


On October 29, 2011 & upstate New York got hit with a flurry of snow & chilly air - however, despite the stormy weather, Samantha & Erik ended up with a wedding that simply glowed with the warmth of true love!


Whitney & Christopher chose the picturesque state of Rhode Island for their lovely nuptial celebration largely in part because they both had deep personal connections there. Whitney is a native to the area, and both she & Chris graduated from Brown, in Providence. When it came time to choose a wedding locale, nowhere could be more perfect Portsmouth & Middleton!

In addition to yummy treats, fine wines & luxe, bright pink decor elements, the couple also took care to celebrate Christopher's Dutch heritage & to make sure their special day exuded fun & spontaneity!


Alicia’s Artisan Edibles creates gourmet caramels and other homemade treats. Made using fresh New Jersey cow milk and milk from a local farm, the caramels promise to turn any tooth sweet.

Try different varieties! Goat’s Milk Caramels promise a unique finish. Can’t stand a bare coffee cup? Enjoy the variation infused with espresso and semi-sweet chocolate!


The high-fashion veil is this weeks deserving fashion inspiration because of it's everlasting elegance & versatility for every wedding season.


Happy Friday, Brides! If you're in search of an adorable & edible sweet treat to surprise your future hubby with this Valentine's Day (just over two weeks away), or are looking to do some sweet sampling in anticipation of your upcoming nuptials - today is your lucky day!


Vintage 1950s was the theme for Lauren & Chris' Rochester, New York engagement shoot. The photographs incorporated the couple's love for one another, biking & told an enchanting love story. The couple decided to do a "day in the life" of a 1950s engaged couple. The photographs started as Lauren & Chris whimsically biked together in a park, then lead to a glamorous evening shoot.


Bananas may drum up images of beaches and tropical paradises more fitting of a spring or summer wedding but don't rule these flavorful fruits out just yet. When the days are short and the temperature low, bananas might bring some much needed light into your special day. We all know how great dessert bars can be- imagine the fun your guests will have dipping their chocolate covered bananas in various delicious toppings.

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Ever dreamed of tying the know in a tropical paradise amongst lush scenery, rich history & timeless beauty? 2012 Weddings Belize is making this wedding fantasy a reality by giving away a spot in their mystical Maya Marriage of the many - a dream wedding for 36 couples in a Mayan temple on 12/12/12!


Looking for a positively perfect way to infuse the grey landscape of winter with a little pizzaz? Try a pop of pink! Always a tried & true favorite on the wedding circuit, pink takes on a new, resort-worthy look when paired with neutral - yet warm & luxe - tan shades! Where you pair rustic-chic burlap with sassy coral tones for an enticing table top, or you surprise guests with subtle pink layers in a decadent wedding cake, pink & tan is sure to induce fond feelings of sunshine, style & true romance.