Sunrise E-Session by Alice G Patterson Photography

Alice G. Patterson Photography

We see a lot of engagement sessions, but have to admit that this is the very first we've seen that took place at sunrise. Click {Read More} to learn more about this fabulous shoot.

Alice G Patterson did a fabulous job documenting Jen and Anton splashing in the morning waves. Here are a few words from her on the sunrise session:

I knew I wanted to get to the beach before the sun was up, for Jen and Anton’s sunrise engagement session.  The darkness at 6am, however, was so enveloping, I truly thought to myself, the sun just might not come up today. When we drove down the road it was still dark.  When we hiked down the trail to the beach it was still dark.  While we found a little spot in the sand that didn’t have condos behind it… yep, still dark.  Look how bright the moon is, kind of dark.

Finally after all that anticipation and wondering what was going to unfold, a sweet sunrise began to make it’s way over the horizon and through some soft clouds.  I tell you, I felt like a teenager, and any sleepiness that may have been lingering went flying off with the seagulls.  A great day was about to begin, and I couldn’t have been happier with my company.